Tuesday, October 11, 2016

OTN Appreciation Day: Establish DevOps with Oracle Developer Cloud Service

This post has been published as part of the ‘OTN Appreciation Day’. Thanks to Tim Hall to start the initiative. Great idea! The amount of people who already confirmed their participation surprises me. A nice demonstration on how many smart brains are willing to share their knowledge within an excellent community. 

The idea of the ‘OTN Appreciation Day’ is to write something about our favorite feature. I take the opportunity to turn the spotlight on the Developer Cloud Service – a service that caught my attention since OpenWorld 2016. From our practical experience we know about the importance of DevOps and testing. A high test coverage makes your life much easier if you want to move from onprem to the cloud or if you like to upgrade to a newer version of your integration suite.

What is the Developer Cloud Service?

The DevCS is a complete development platform provided as a service to enable an agile development process and to automate DevOps & delivery. It covers most of the DevOps cycle including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Collaboration. 

What many people do not know: Developer CS is included as a free entitlement with trial and paid orders of:

  • Java Cloud Service, 
  • Java Cloud Service-SaaS Extension, 
  • Messaging Cloud Service, 
  • Mobile Cloud Service, 
  • SOA Cloud Service and 
  • Application Container Cloud

What‘s inside?

Do you know the situation: You would like to start a new project but before you can actually concentrate on the main goals you have to establish an issue tracking, build & deployment automation and a wiki! The Developer CS solves that issue. Using this service Developers can commit changes to a Git repository, create tasks and assign them to team members, define and collaborate on projects through wiki services and continuously build and deploy their application to the cloud or On-Premise with Hudson. There’s also the ability to track and monitor deployments and then within Java Cloud Services one can analyze their deployed and running application through Enterprise Manager. In addition it can be integrated with IDEs like JDeveloper, NetBeans and Eclipse. 

Overall the service contains the following components:
  • Version Management - Git
  • Build Automation
  • Ant, Maven, Gradle, npm, Grunt, Bower, Gulp, Command line
  • Continuous Integration - Hudson
  • Issue Tracking
  • Code review
  • Deployment automation
  • Agile process management
  • Wiki
  • Activity Stream  
If your code is hosted in an external Git repository, DevCS can map to it and still provide you with the rest of the services including reviewing the code and automating builds. WebHooks allow DevCS to notify external system about events inside DevCS. This for example can let you notify JIRA of a code commit related to a specific issue, notify Slack of a build fail etc.

Get Started today!

Find more Tutorials, Videos, eBooks, Whitepapers, Documentation and Forums at https://cloud.oracle.com/developer_service.


  1. Amazing community! There were a total of over 1,500 Twitter mentions and 127 blog posts at the OTN Appreciation Day. See Tim’s summary (https://oracle-base.com/blog/2016/10/12/otn-appreciation-day-summary/) to get the details.

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